No matter what you’re training for, there likely are members of BAR who are seeking the same goal.

Partner up for a long run

If you’re training for a marathon or other long races, you can usually find someone to run with on the Saturday morning Greenbelt runs or the Sunday morning trail runs (if you’re looking for hills).

Work on your speed

If a shorter race is more your style, track workouts, including the Monthly Mile, will help you track your progress to a PR.

Casual mid-week runs

Of course, not everyone is into racing, some just want to get out and run for fun. The mid-week Greenbelt and trail runs are great ways to meet other runners just out for a casual run.

Training for something else?

If there is something else you want to train for like an ultramarathon, triathlon, track meet or a 1 mile hippity hop race (they are actually much harder than they sound), discuss it with us on a run and you are likely to find others interested in training and participating with you.