Code of Conduct

Member Code of Conduct

The mission of the Boise Area Runners (BAR) is to provide the community with an organized venue in which to promote the sport of running and the benefits we believe it provides to all members, regardless of age or ability. These benefits include, but are not limited to, physical activity, which contributes to a healthy lifestyle, friendship, and social interaction as well as community outreach and support.

The Code of Conduct is created for the safety and benefit of BAR, its members and visitors. It is not meant to dictate all interpersonal relationships and interactions between members or between members and the community. Instead, the purpose of this policy is to set forth the basic principles of decency we expect members to follow so that members can achieve their running goals in a safe and fun environment.

As a BAR member, you agree to:

  • Always show respect to your fellow club members;
  • Always show respect and appreciation for the volunteers who give their time to help the and/or BAR events;
  • Refrain from verbal (yelling, taunting, threatening) or physical violence upon anyone at a BAR race, or other club event;
  • Refrain from gossip; respectfully speak directly to the person(s) involved and if you feel there was no resolution, write a violation of Code of Conduct to the Board to address the issue.
  • Refrain from making racial, ethnic, religious, age, sexual-orientation or gender-related slurs or derogatory comments at BAR events;
  • Refrain from making unwanted sexual or physical contact with other members, volunteers or members of the community at BAR events. Members shall not act in a manner that can be deemed as sexual harassment, which includes unwelcome sexual advances, unwelcome requests for sexual favors and any other unwelcome verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature;
  • Refrain from acting in a manner that disrupts or impedes BAR events, damages or uses its owned properties in any fashion deemed detrimental to the BAR;
  • Follow all traffic/pedestrian laws, wear suitable clothing/shoes, safety lights, and reflective gear when necessary and follow club rules when participating in BAR running events.
  • Always report violations of the Member Code of Conduct policy to the Board in writing.
  • Failure to follow the Code of Conduct may lead to a member’s expulsion from BAR.
  • Violations of the Code of Conduct are to be presented to the BAR President, who shall investigate the circumstances of the allegations and report the findings to the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors shall review the findings of the President at its next scheduled meeting to determine whether further action is necessary. The Board, in its discretion, may fashion a remedy depending on the severity of the Code of Conduct violation. Sanctions may include, but are not limited to, a verbal warning, a written warning, referral of the matter to proper law enforcement, or the cancellation of BAR membership. The Board shall allow the accused member an opportunity to be heard, the accused may petition/address the either in writing or in person, prior to any cancellation of any BAR membership.

Approved by BAR Board of Directors, 27-Feb-2016

Advice from the President

Keep in mind the goal of the Code is not to create a draconian behavior policy, but a baseline of behavior expectations so club leaders can address behavior(s) that “cross the line.”  The last thing we want is to create an environment where people try to mediate interpersonal conflicts with the board of Directors.  There are some people in a club that just might not be able to get along.  It happens.  It’s not the role of the Board to make sure everyone is friends, but it is the Board’s role to ensure a truly hostile environment is not being created that threatens the general well-being of the club and its members.

Members who feel that someone has violated the club’s Code of Conduct should submit a written complaint to the Board of Directors, and the Board should take action to review the complaint in a timely manner.  If a complaint is founded and depending on the severity of the violation, the Board may want to consult with a local attorney and/or local law enforcement to determine a course of action. Working with local law enforcement is the best option if the problem seems to be more serious in nature, especially if there are issues related to unwanted sexual or physical contact with other members, especially minors.

If the Code violation seems like a minor issue such as a complaint of foul language, then the Board can follow a plan of action similar to addressing behavior issues in an employment situation.  First, discuss the issue with the offending member and give them a verbal warning.  Be sure to document the warning.  If the problem persists, give the person a written warning that outlines how another complaint will result in loss of membership and that they will be barred from participating in club activities.  In the most extreme case, the Board may need to consider pursuing a restraining order to address the behavior of a barred member.