Whole Foods

Wholefoods is a popular starting point for many of our Greenbelt runs because it has ample seating, coffee in the morning, beer in the evening and food anytime. What more could a runner ask for? Note, all of these runs can be lengthened or shortened by taking one of the other bridges in downtown (W. Parkcenter, Broadway, 8th Street, Ann Morrison footbridge or Americana) or the routes can be turned into out-and-backs for even more flexibility.

  • DETOUR – While Broadway Bridge is closed, we will need to detour all Greenbelt runs around the construction. The alternate route adds 0.5 miles to each route.
  • 2.5 Miles – Along the Greenbelt to W. Parkcenter Bridge and back to Friendship Bridge at BSU. Note, this map is a little off because Google doesn’t know about the stairs from the Greenbelt up to the bridge.
  • 4.0 Miles – Up river the the Orange Bridge at the golf course. Then across and back down to Friendship Bridge at BSU.
  • 5.8 Miles – Again, up river to the Orange Bridge, then back. This time taking the Ann Morrison footbridge.
  • 8.5 Miles – For a longer run, continue up the Greenbelt to E. Parkcenter (near Bown Crossing), then back to Friendship Bridge. If you want still more, there are two more bridges up river from here, but fewer BAR members run those routes

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