Red Robin

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211 West Parkcenter Boulevard, Boise, ID 83706

Red Robin is one of several location we use to start our Greenbelt runs.

  • DETOUR – While Broadway Bridge is closed, we will need to detour all Greenbelt runs around the construction. The alternate route adds 0.5 miles to each route.
  • 3.7 Miles – Once on the Greenbelt, head down river to Friendship Bridge (pedestrian arch bridge on BSU campus), cross over and go up river to the golf course. Cross back over the Orange Bridge and head to Red Robin.
  • 4.5 Miles – Same as above except run pass Friendship and cross on the Wooden Bridge (old railway bridge with wooden deck at the end of BSU).
  • 5.4 Miles – Same as above but first cross the river at the Green Bridge in Ann Morrison Park
  • 6.2 Miles – First cross at the Americana Bridge
  • 10.6 Miles – Run down to Americana, cross over and back up to the new Park Center Bridge by Bown Cross. (Most runners will not be doing this route, but it’s here if anyone wants to go far)

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