Polecat Trailhead

When you want to get out of town, but there is still too much snow at higher elevations, Polecat is a great place to go.

  • 3.28 Miles – Go left at the fork just out of the parking lot. Then take Doe Ridge Trail (next right). This will loop back to Polecat and from there, to the parking lot.
  • 6.06 Miles – This is the full Polecat loop. Jump on and don’t take any alternate trails.
  • ?.?? – There are many other trails here (some public, some private) that can add distance to your run. Check with someone who knows the area before wondering off the main trails.

2 thoughts on “Polecat Trailhead

  1. Hi, so I’ve downloaded the app for RunKeeper and I am struggling to decipher how exactly I download the preset maps. Are these maps connected to the app, or do they push over to the BAR website from the app and they’re not accessible if I’m logged onto a personalized version of RunKeeper? Ideas and suggestions for accessing these from my cell would be awesomeness!
    Tiffany Scudder


    1. Strike the last comment, I’ve troubleshot the question & added this map to my runs. I am good to go.


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