The BAR Made Boise Home Again

By Randi Walkins When you find a community that provides you the space to be the person you need to be that day, it’s worth celebrating and supporting. When Austin and I moved back to Boise after some time away, we knew we would need to rebuild our social circles and support network. But how?Continue reading “The BAR Made Boise Home Again”

Geovanni Velazquez: Connecting More Deeply Through Running

By Beau Seegmiller Geovanni Velazquez’s infectious smile and warm handshake is a hallmark feature at the BAR Sunday morning trail run each week. He and his wife Brita joined the BAR shortly after moving to the Treasure Valley a little over a year ago and have made deep connections to those that they run withContinue reading “Geovanni Velazquez: Connecting More Deeply Through Running”

Maria Perez: Building Resilience and Fighting Away the Nightmares with Running

By Maria Perez I was not always a runner. In fact, growing up I struggled with a lack of confidence, and commitment to ever stay in one sport or activity. Name a sport and I’ve probably tried it. When things got tough, I got going! That was until, running happened. I started running eight yearsContinue reading “Maria Perez: Building Resilience and Fighting Away the Nightmares with Running”

Teresa Harder: Times and Seasons for Running

There is a time and season for everything, even running. We all move and run for different reasons. For Teresa Harder those reasons have gone through many transitions to meet her life’s circumstances and enrich the many aspects of her life. “First, it was to stay in shape and run with my college buddies.” WhileContinue reading “Teresa Harder: Times and Seasons for Running”