Above All Else, Bob Mueller Enjoys Running

You can find Bob Mueller’s warm smile and joyful demeanor at many BAR runs. Bob’s pure enjoyment of running for running’s sake is the secret behind that glow. “I never was and never have been a competitive runner.” Bob didn’t run or train in high school. “I didn’t get really serious about running until IContinue reading “Above All Else, Bob Mueller Enjoys Running”

Beer and Running

The relationship between runners and beer can run deep. A friend of mine was asked about beer and running. “Doesn’t drinking beer hurt your running?” His response: “The only problem with drinking beer and running is you might spill some!” There seems to be something special about runners and their beer. The drink is commonContinue reading “Beer and Running”

Beau Seegmiller “Running Makes the Best People”

Anyone who has seen Beau Seegmiller arrive at a BAR event with his characteristically joyful smile knows that Beau loves being part of a running community. He joined the BAR six months after moving to the Treasure Valley, and immediately found rewarding personal connections. Beau founded a running club in eastern Idaho, and was partContinue reading “Beau Seegmiller “Running Makes the Best People””