Boise Area Trail Running Etiquette

Hello, Boise Area Runner!

Every year, warm and sunny days that follow either ran or snow, make us all antsy to hit the trails. Before you head out, please take a moment to consider whether it’s a good day for trail use. Consider whether the trails may be muddy and in delicate condition.

It can be tempting to ignore the rules after being cooped up inside for a long stretch of gloomy days, but please fight the urge. Respecting the trails now means fewer closures in the future to repair damage and fewer of those deeply rutted trails that are so dangerous for ankles.

Ridge to Rivers offers the following guidelines for trail use during wet times of year:

· Turn around if you encounter long stretches where you are picking up mud on your shoes.

· If you are leaving prints (paw, tire, or shoe), the trail is too wet to use.

· When approaching muddy spots, go through the center of the mud to keep the trail narrow.

Not sure which trails might be an issue? Check out the Ridge to Rivers Facebook page for updates on which trails are best to use and which to avoid.

For more on trail etiquette, including right of way guidelines, visit the Ridge to Rivers website.

Thank you for being kind to the trails, and we’ll see you out on a run!

The BAR Leadership Team